Scandinavians experiencing Siberi

10 марта 2019 Scandinavians experiencing Siberi

“Wait, what…” was the typical response from other Scandinavians.

Universiade is one of the world’s biggest sports competitions for university students, but it is still rather unknown in Scandinavia. People know the region’s name, Siberia, but for most Scandinavians, we are one big question mark when it comes to what Siberia has to offer.

Among many other organisations from different countries, OUR Swedish youth organisation, We Youth For Europe Association, has been chosen by FISU to make the question mark disappear, and replace it with knowledge. Knowledge around Krasnoyarsk, Universiade and last, but not least, the Siberian way of life.

FISU have managed to organise the biggest Winter Universiade in Krasnoyarsk since the start in 1959. This comes with great responsibility for creating a safe and comfortable environment, which they have succeeded with.

Fortunately, we have many more days to come in Krasnoyarsk. And even more experiences to share with the outside world. Because what happens here is the future just like the Universiade’s slogan says: Today’s Stars, Tomorrow’s Leaders. The Universiade is filled with young people who live out their dreams, the youth who grow through their successes and their participation. The feeling of solidarity is being spread among people and cultures. It is here where the future begins. Here. At the Winter Universiade 2019. In Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia.

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